titre emma vidal


EMMA VIDAL (b.1992, France) is a collectible and well-regarded emerging artist. Her powerful monochromatic drawings and gold Fetish sculptures are driven by her efforts to engage with the beginning of collective human history and the future of contemporary society.

Exhibitions includes institution-based group and solo shows at the Lightbox Museum Woking, UK (the Ingram Collection: not all contemporary art is rubbish, 2016), the Victoria and Albert Museum London, UK (Always print the myth, 2015), the Royal West of England Academy Bristol, UK (Drawing on..., 2015), Museum Blue St.Louis, USA (Gold string, 2015) and the Wellcome Collection Museum London, UK (Collection of the everyday, 2013).

She is the subject of a 2015 documentary, Feral by Jacques Simon and was featured in several renowned publications as one of the promising artist to follow.

In 2016, Vidal co-founded HATSH to support the young creation, ranked in Maddyness's Top15 most innovative French start-ups in 2017. This same year, she curated several exhibitions: Empreintes at Una Volta Bastia, Collage Heads at Palais des Beaux Arts Museum Lille and Eclosion at Espace Commines Paris.

emma vidal